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As we discussed in class, we can discuss these characters according to their different personas or positions. For example, we can evaluate Lear as a king, father, leader, friend, judge, or person. Each of these positions requires separate (but sometimes overlapping) qualities: for example, a king should be wise and perceptive.

Choose a character, and list the various positions he or she holds. Divide and classify the various qualities each position requires. Then, write a short paragraph in which you . . .

1. Name that quality.
2. Define that quality.
3. Explain the significance/importance of that quality.
4. Describe/evaluate how well your character meets that standard.
5. Find a quote (from King Lear) that illustrates or exemplifies how well your character possesses or lacks that trait.


Christina Cecil said...

Goneril and Regan as sisters and daughters.
The most important quality of a sister and daughter is loyalty.
Loyalty is being devoted to something that has purpose.
Loyalty is important because it shows that the person can be trusted. As a daughter and a sister
loyalty shows that the person being loyal is positive in ones standing and is determined to stand
their ground.
“Goneril states, “Sister, it is not little I have to say of what most nearly appertains to us both. I think our father will hence to-night” (pg 224)
Goneril and Regan are good at manipulating the father by using their communication skills to
give elaborate speeches in order to will their father’s favor. They are there for each other and
worry together about their father getting mad at them and punishing them like he did with their
other sister who was their father’s favorite. As rulers they are good at getting their husband to do
what they want. They are both determined to keep their land they have been given. They are both
effective at having go the land from their father and organized in how they work together in
keeping their father busy while visiting them on their land. As daughters they are manipulative
and not kind they cater to their father’s wants.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo Figueroa.

Respect is an important quality for a daughter to have. Respect means that you treat someone cordially, to treat them as they wish to be treated in accordance with their rank or position. It is important to respect your elders because they are the one that teach a person how to behave in society and how to be a functioning member in it. Cordelia, although honest, does not realize that she should have just told her father what he wanted to hear at the beginning of the play, although she does try to make him realize why she would not pander to him she is still banished. She does come back at later and is one of the only people left to have any respect for Lear by the end of the play. "You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I return those duties back as are right fit: Obey you, love you, and most honor you.” This is Cordelia saying that she does respect her father and will treat him with the proper attitude, no more no less.

Anonymous said...

-King Lear as a father and a husband/widower.
-Supportive is the most important quality as a father and a husband/widower.
-Support is knowing that you have someone you can turn to at anytime to help you through a difficult choice or decision.
-Being supportive is a very good quality because it mean you have someone to lean on if things don't go right and you also have someone to encourage you to keep trying and telling you things will get better.There is no better person that can be supportive than a father or husband/widower.
-King Lear explains to his daughters what he will give to them when he dies and explains to them how much he loves them.
-King Lear stated, "What are you saying, Cordelia? Revise your statement, or you may damage your inheritance. The truth will be all the inheritance you get."

-Y. Clay

Anonymous said...

Gloucester is a nobleman who works for King Lear. One of the most important qualities is loyalty. Loyalty is someone that is faithful, be able to trust and depend on, or someone that is very devoted. Loyalty is extremely important because without loyalty then there is not trust and if we do not trust someone then there will be no kind of relationship to be formed. Gloucester is somebody that King Lear can trust, depend on, and he runs plenty of errands for him.
Gloucester claims, "Love coos, friendship falls off, brothers divide. In citites, mutinies; in countries, discord; in palaces, treason; and the bond cracked 'twixt son and father" (Page 47).
He wants to be able to trust both of his sons, not to be mistreated, or betrayed because he had been faithful and loyal to his own sons.

-Howard Lin

Anonymous said...

Gloucester is a nobleman who works for King Lear. One of the most important qualities is loyalty. Loyalty is someone that is faithful, be able to trust and depend on, or someone that is very devoted. Loyalty is extremely important because without loyalty then there is not trust and if we do not trust someone then there will be no kind of relationship to be formed. Gloucester is somebody that King Lear can trust, depend on, and he runs plenty of errands for him.
Gloucester claims, "Love cools, friendship falls off, brothers divide. In cities, mutinies; in countries, discord; in palaces, treason; and the bond cracked 'twixt son and father" (Page 47).
He wants to be able to trust both of his sons, not to be mistreated, or betrayed because he had been faithful and loyal to his own sons.

-Howard Lin

Anonymous said...

Edmund is the brother to Edgar and the son to Noblemen, Gloucester. The most crucial quality that Edmund practices in 'King Lear' is that he is deceiving. For a person to be deceiving is a bad quality, it shows that the person is unloyal, dishonest, and people need to have a close eye on what he or she does or is planning to do. Deceiving plays a huge role for Edmund in 'King Lear' because it shows how sly of a person he is and how manipulative he can be. Edmund states in King Lear that, "If the matter were good, my lord, I durst swear it were his; but in respect of that, I would fain it were not." Edmund is explaining to his father (Gloucester) that the contents in the letter are horrid, and that he hopes his brother did not write the letter, even though the print is in Edgar's handwriting. Edmund uses this false letter to show his father the unloyalty of Edgar (even though he is not) and is thus, deceiving his family and honor.

- Greyson McDaniel
- English 110.06

Anonymous said...

King Lear is most defining as a powerful leader. A powerful leader is someone that is always looking for the best for his people and always have his kingdom with riches. For example King Lear is a very powerful leader because he has a whole kingdom and wants to leave a leader that is good as him or better, so that no difficulties happened when he retires as king. King Lear meets this requirement because he wants to leave his best daughter in charge of the kingdom. “ I give you all this land, from this line to that one—dense forests, fertile fields, rivers rich with fish, wide meadows.” In this quote we can tell that he is a very powerful leader and is willing to give this to one of his daughters so his people wont worry.
-uber garcia

Anonymous said...

Free minded Helpful Trustworthy Loyal Worthiness
Kent is free minded because he went up against the kind when Lear exiled his daughter and was trying to make him reconsider his mind about exiling Cordelia
Free minded
The big quality that Kent possesses in King Lear is that he is very free minded. In my perspective being free minded means that a person just speaks what they feel like not matter the circumstances and will do it whenever they feel the need to do it and not just keep quiet. The importance of the quality is that it makes the person who they are completely because if a person speaks their mind then people know to listen to that person but if someone doesn’t talk much well that person will not be well heard my many other people. Kent is greatly free minded because he talks when needed to talk and will even talk free minded to royalty. A good section that Kent actually shows free mindedness is when Kent is talking to the kind and saying how bad of a mistake he is acting when talking about Cordelia Act 1 scene 1 Kent tells King Lear “ Kill thy physician, and thy fee bestow Upon the foul disease. Revoke thy gift, Or whilst I can vent clamor from my throat, I’ll tell thee thou dost evil.” That proves that he will talk back to King Lear and especially since he is being exiled by the King for talking back to him about his decision with his own daughter.

- Raul Mendoza

Anonymous said...

Edmund is the bastard son of Gloucester, but most of all, he is the villain of the play. The most important quality in being a villain is being vengeful and having a plan in order to achieve retribution. Being vengeful is important in wanting to cause harm for your own benefit, which Edmund believes he deserves. As a vengeful, villainous, bastard brother/son, Edmund seeks to inherit his fathers goods, even though they are supposed to go to the legitimate son, Edgar. Edmund feels deserving of the inheritance, so he writes a fake, mean letter, that is supposedly written by Edgar about Gloucester and lets Gloucester see it. This would turn Gloucester against Edgar and into the reach of Edmund.
Edmund says, "Never, my lord. But I have heard him oft maintain it to be fit that, sons at perfect age and fathers declined, the father should be as ward to the son, and the son manage his revenue," (pg 77). This statement shows how Edmund is manipulating Gloucester into believing that Edgar wrote the letter. It is part of his scheme to have Gloucester become upset with Edgar, so he in turn, could inherit Gloucester's fortune. This event regarding the letter is ultimately the event that shows Edmund's true character. He is greedy, heartbroken in a sense, and will do anything to receive a fortune and essentially "beat" his brother. All Edmund cares about is himself, at the stake of his father and brother. He wants them to repay him all the harm they have caused him. Edmund will do this be gaining the unmerited fortune through his villainous plan.

-Leticia Orozco

Anonymous said...

Kent is a adviser to King Lear and is loyal to the king. The most important quality for Kent is to be honest. Being honest is telling the truth in a presentable manner and standing by it. The significance of being a adviser and being honest is that his opinion will change someones life for the best or worst because the King weighs that opinion greater than others. A great example of Kent's advising is when he tries to tell the King that Cordelia is telling the truth of her love towards him. While at the sometime tells him that his two older daughters will lie to him about their love for their father. "Good my liege -" (pg. 7). "Thy youngest daughter does not love thee least, Nor are those empty-hearted whose low sound Reverbs no hollowness." (pg. 8).
- M. Gomez

Anonymous said...

King Lear is a leader, a father, and a judge. All of these roles share one crucial quality, the ability to be compassionate. To be compassionate means to care about the wellbeing of others. A leader must show compassion toward his followers, if he does not, his followers will cease to follow or respect him. A father also needs to be compassionate in order to emotionally support his family members. King Lear, at least initially, fails to show compassion. Lear banishes his daughter simply because she refused to pointlessly flatter him. Lear fails to see that Cordelia does love him and quickly disowns her. This sort of behavior certainly does not show compassion. King Lear exemplifies his lack of compassion in his quote, “From whom we do exist and cease to be—here I disclaim all my paternal care, Propinquity, and property of blood, and as a stranger to my heart and me hold thee from this for ever.”

Curtis Fago

Anonymous said...

Cordelia as a daughter. The most important quality of a daughter is loyalty. Loyalty is being devoted to something or someone through any situation, for better or worse. As a daughter, it is important to be loyal to one's parents. In this case, Corelia must show loyalty towards her father, King Lear. A loyal daughter must never betray or turn her back on her father. Cordelia does show loyalty towards her father, although he may be hurtful at times. She still forgives him, despite his cruelty.
"You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I return those duties back as are right fit: Obey you, love you, and most honor you." (Pg. 13. Act I. sc. I.)

--Sabrina Morales

Anonymous said...

-Irene Hernandez

Cordelia is a daughter, wife, sister, and also a leader. Each of these postions requires Cordelia to be loving, carring, understandable, honest, and just.
Cordelia should be honest overal the other qualites. Honesty means to say what you truly belief and what you think, regardless of the situation. Cordelia meets this standard pretty good, by being completly honest to King Lear when he asked her how much she loves him. A quote from King Lear that illustrates how well my character possesses this trait is "unhappy that I am, I cannot heace my heart into my mouth. I love your Majesty according to my bond, no more no less." (pg.13) Cordelia tells her father the honest truth about how much she really loves him.

Anonymous said...

Cordelia is the daughter of King Lear and the wife of the king of France. The most important quality of this type of person is to have virtues, loyalty, and honesty. This person must always do her best to remain honest, especially to her loved ones or those people will not trust her. It is important for Cordelia to be honest because without them she wouldn’t be able to express herself, just as she did to her father. Cordelia is a very honest person; she clearly goes against what her father wants to hear in order to remain true to her virtues .This is demonstrated when Cordelia says “Unhappy that I am I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. I love your majesty according to my bond no more nor less.”


Anonymous said...

King Lear is a king and a father who has three daughters. As a king, Lear wants to give his position to one of his daughters after he retires, and as a father, he treats his daughters equally, regardless if they are married or not. When he asks his daughters how much they love him to see if they deserve his wealth, Cordelia express how she feels about her dad with honesty and not like her sisters. King Lear doesn’t like what his daughter says, so he replies by saying, “How, how, Cordelia? Mend your speech a little, lest you may mar your fortunes.” This shows that he is not being a fair father.

-Khulood Hussin

Anonymous said...

-Retired king
-Father ……………………Caring, loving, supportive, role model, hardworking
1. Hardworking
2. Loving
3. Supportive
The quality of hardworking is the most important quality that a father should possess. Hardworking means the ability to move forward when times are hard or when struggling. The significance/importance of possessing this quality is that you are able to get back on your feet when things are hard and it shows that you are not going to give up and will do anything to move forward in life. King Lear fits this description because even as a king/ retired king, he has to have the ability to make decisions. Lear states, “Thou but rememb’rest me of mine own conception. I have perceived a most faint neglect of late, which I have rather blamed as mine own jealous curiosity than as a very pretense and purpose of unkindness….I have not seen him this two days” (p.163)

---Beatriz Dominguez

Anonymous said...

The most important quality from the Fool to King Lear is to be loyal. To be loyal means to be respectful. Respect consists of trust, honesty, and devotion. The significance of this quality is that their will always be trust depended on with being loyal. The Fool is always there for the King Lear when other closest ones to King Lear leave him.
O me, my heart! But down!
Cry to it, nuncle, as the cockney did the eels when she put ’em I’ th’ paste alive. She knapped ’em o’ th’ coxcombs with a stick, and cried 'Down, wantos, down!' ’Twas her brother that, in pure kindness to his horse, buttered his hay" (Shakespeare 193-194). Lear is surprised of what information he has heard and Fool replies with a joke to make King Lear not feel as depressed.

--David Maciel Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Erik Figueroa

Leader 1Supporting 2) Caring
3) Role model
4) Loving

Supporting is the most important quality of being a father. Supporting is when a parent supports its child on things the child needs him. If the child wants do something but the child needs someone to encourage him that’s when the father encourages him. Being supportive is very important to a child because when a child has support they will do better and succeed more. Lear is not very supportive because he doesn’t even know his daughters well enough to give them part of his thrown. “ Give me the map there. Know that we have divided in three our kingdom”

Anonymous said...

Cordelia shows her position as rebellious by being truthful. Being truthful tells everything, but the truth, honest, and open. What is significant about the truth is that it sees the person's identity of his or her human characteristic. From the story in that book shows how she speaks out the truth to her true love with her father. She said, " Good my lord, You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I return those duties back as are fight fit, Obey you, love you, and most honor you. Why have my sisters husbands, if they say They love you all? Happily when I shall wed That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry Half my love with him, half my care and duty. Sure I shall never marry like my sisters" (Pg. 144).

- C. Buccat

Anonymous said...

Cordelia is a sister, wife and a daughter.
the most important quality in all of this is trustworthiness. without trustworthiness everything will fall apart. trust is about having you friends back, being there when you are needed. Cordelia says,"Unhappy that i am, i cannot heave My heart into my mouth. I love my Majesty According to my bond, no more no less."(pg42)
Cordelia's father, King Lear wanted Cordelia to go over the moon with her feelings for him but she did not, she told him exactly what she felt and not a word more. King Lear did not like this but Cordelia was not going to compromise herself for someone eases feelings. in the end it will be for the best.
-Gisel H.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Flores

King Lear
King Lear plays the role of a king and father.
King Lear:

King Lear is very proud and powerful. Although he has power to define his position as a king, King Lear is very proud because he feels pleasure and satisfaction over his power which is highly honorable by others by his position. He is very passive because he doesn’t react visibly to something that might be expected to produce manifestations of an emotion or feeling. As king and father, Lear has to analyze situations that might alter his position as king and father. He chooses not to see the reality and importance that honesty around might bring him. He wants to hear what he wishes to hear and not the reality that portraits life.
“Let it be so. Thy truth then be thy dower.
For by the sacred radiance of the sun,
The mysteries of Hecate and the night,
By all the operation of the orbs
From whom we do exist and cease to be—
Here I disclaim all my paternal care,
Propinquity, and property of blood,
And as a stranger to my heart and me
Hold thee from this for ever. The barbarous Scythian,
Or he that makes his generation messes
To gorge his appetite, shall to my bosom
Be as well neighbored, pitied, and relieved
As thou my sometime daughter.”

Anonymous said...

King Lear is a a king but he also play the role of a father. An important quality of being a father is to love your children equaly and treat them equialy.

King Lear is not very successful at being equal with his three daughters. This causes a sort of rivalry or competion between the daughters when it comes to his father's love.
This is obvious when he makes a competion out of his love. he asks his daughters to tell him how grand their love is for him and then goes on to ask the sister: "Tell me my daughters, which of you shall we say doth love us most,[...]."(pg 5)

King Lear makes a competion for his love and for his power, and this makes the greed come out of the two sisters, who insist that their love is beyond words.

---Maria Bravo

fred said...

Goneril and Regan are sisters, daughters, and wives. The quality that is most important in being a daughter is to be respectful. To be respectful means that someone cares for and is mindful of that person’s feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions. One demonstrates this ability when they are capable of giving someone the respect that their title has garnered through actions and words. Be it the title of father, husband, king or leader. Goneril is only capable of meeting this requirement when it is needed and it suits her interest. When Goneril tells her father, King Lear; “ No less than life, with grace, health, beauty, honour;….Beyond all manner of so much I love you(Act I, Sce I),” she is being respectful enough to her father so she is able to stay in his good graces and receive her inheritance. This because she wants an inheritance and the only way to do so is by embellishing and over-exaggerating how much she loves her father.

Fred Soza

Anonymous said...

Goneril, as a wife, should have many qualities, but the most important being loyalty. She should be faithful and believe in her husband and his decisions. Every relationship requires trust to function, and in a marriage, he must be able to trust that she will support him when he needs her. Goneril is not the least bit loyal, she initiates an affair with Edmund, perhaps the most disloyal act a wife could do. Goneril slams her husband by saying things such as, “Oh, the difference of man and man! To thee a woman’s services are due. My fool usurps my body.” (Act 4, Scene 2, page 2)

J. Wolfenstein

Anonymous said...

King Lear is a father, leader, judge, an individual and a friend. Lear is a weak king because he is judgmental, mean, self-centered and uncaring. A King should be a wise, determined, caring, and fair leader. The most important quality of a King is to be organized. Organized can be defined as one who knows what he or she is doing. This quality is important for a King because it shows that he is decisive, and knows how to rule a kingdom. King Lear does not meet this standard because he is a weak King. “Who is it that can tell me who I am?” (Shakespeare pg 57). This quote shows that King Lear does not know who he is; therefore he is unorganized and unprepared to be a King. Lear doesn’t meet the characteristics that a King should be because he doesn’t care for others, and he only cares about his reputation as a King. For instance, he asks his daughters who loves him more, and who ever has the best answer will rule the kingdom. That is a bad way to rule a land.

-Sandy Ornelas

Anonymous said...

Regan and goneril as a sisters and daughter. The most importing quality of a sister is to be encouraging and loving.
Encouraging can be defined as supporting your sister and helping her out whenever she needs you. Care would be always knowing when something is wrong and having a strong bond between the two.
Goneril"you see how full of changes his age is. The observation we have made of it hath not been little. He always loves our sister most and with what poor judgment he hath now cast her off appears too gossly". p14
They both were very determined to change their dad mind and also get the land. They work together very well and they seemed to always be trying to get over on someone weather it was their father or husbands.

--v Nard

Erika Perez said...

The most important quality or characteristic to be a daughter is being truthful. In order to be truthful a daughter has to be open and straightforward about their feelings, including to her father. Even though the father will disapprove, the daughter was still being truthful. Having this characteristic means to be trusted and be confided in by everyone in the daughter’s presence. Cordelia is a truthful daughter. According to her father she is a traitor, but she receives a passing grade, because she is being completely honest to King Lear. Cordelia possesses the truthful trait on page 8-
in No Fear Shakespeare-King Lear “You have begot me, bread me, loved me. I return those duties back as are right fit- Obey you, love you, and most honor you. Why have my sisters husbands if they say they love you all? Haply when I shall wed that lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry half my love with him, half my care and duty. Sure, I shall never marry like my sisters, to love my father all.”

Erika Perez

N. Iniguez said...

King Lear
-Father, friend, Individual person, king

One of the most important quality for King Lear is being a father. He is the father of Cordelia, Goneril, and Regan. A father should be caring at all times for his daughters. Caring is worrying about someone or a loved one by showing them that you love them and care a lot for that person. This quality is essential important for a father, because a father is the protected for the daughters. King Lear also shows that he cares for his daughters by splinting the kingdom into his three daughters. For example, Lear stated on page 142 line 36 " Give me the map there. Know that we have divided In three our kingdom, and 'tis our fast intent To shake all cares and business from our age, Conferring them on younger strengths.." I think King Lear meet high standard by showing he cares by sharing his kingdom with his three daughters leaving them protected, safe and secure for when he dies he would die happy knowing that his daughters are left with good economic.

Anonymous said...

Kent as servant and King Lear’s right hand man, has many qualities-Prepare to do as told- follows King Lear’s words-Knowledgeable-has to know what to do-Perceptive-understands the king and respects him-Fearless- his willing to do anything -Decisive-makes the decisions he needs to make in order to get what he wants-Communicative-communicates with his master to get what Lear wants done-Friendly-his friendly to the persons in the kingdom and to Cordelia his like a father too because he once defended her, but the most important quality of a Servant is being decisive. Decisive can be defined as a person who takes quick decisions and goes with his decisions to get what he wants done, in order to make the king happy. This quality is essential to be a good servant but once Kent made his own decision, his decision was to defend Cordelia “Good my liege” (Shakespeare 145) and this got his master to get mad and almost to break their vows. I don’t think Kent meets this standard because he as a servant does not get to do his own decisions he needs to obey the king and follow what he says, that is the reason the king has him as servant -to do as told.

--Gabriel Becerra

Anonymous said...

King Lear as a father; a father must be loving and caring towards his children. The responsibility of a loving father is to sensitive and attentive to the needs of his children;he must be protective, educate them and teach them the values that will help them in their lives. It is also important for a loving and caring father to show no favoritism and love each of his children the same way. That creates a good atmosphere within the family and allow the children to love each other.
King Lear really does not fulfill his duties of a good father, for rather than showing love to his daughters, he submits them to a test to see which one loves him. In doing so he allows Goneril and Regan to lie to him and resents his one daughter that truly loves him, Cordelia.
To Cordelia,King Lear says: "Let it be so. Thy truth then be thy dower;Here I disclaim all my paternal care, Propinquity, and property for blood...Be as well neighbored, pitied and relieved As thou, my sometime daughter." (pge 145).

Ivan Matip

Jessica said...

Cordelia can be evaluated as a daughter, sister, and an individual. The most important quality of Cordelia as a daughter is being truthful. Truthful can be defined as telling the truth or reality/being honest. Cordelia is a truthful daughter to Lear because she tells only the truth to him and a daughter with that quality is valuable and a dad should be proud and supportive. Cordelia meets her standard when her father Lear asked her How much she loved him as Cordelia claims, “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave my heart into my mouth. I love your majesty According to my bond, no more nor less.” (Shakespeare, 144) also with this quote she explains to her father her love for him “You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I return those duties back as are fit, Obey you, love you, and most honor you. Why have my sister’s husbands, if they say they love you all? […] Sure I shall never marry like my sisters.” (Shakespeare, 145) In this quote she’s being honest and comparing her sisters love to hers that how can her sister’s say they love Lear their father, if they got husbands and that she should not marry like her sisters because her love would be to her husband and this is being completely truthful to her father. Goneril and Regan are hypocrites of the love they have for Lear just to have his heritance and Cordelia wants nothing.

-Jessica Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

King Lear as a father and a role model
-Father to my definition is a person you can talk to consult with or tell a problem too.
-Role model to me is someone that I can look up too. Someone that has good habits to show so people can learn from.
-Being a father and a role model plays a big role in his family. Being a father shows who the ruler in the family is and also a father is the person and instructs his children with good habits.
-King Lear isn’t really that good father. Lear really doesn’t the play a good father when it comes being a father.
-King Lear when it comes to being a role model, well he is not really good at either. In the case when he gives up his kingdom to his children he acts like a person that owns everything.
-One thing that shows King Lear states is, "Which of you shall we say doth love us most."
-Another move that shows Lear as a bad role model is when he tells his last daughter how much she loves him and she tell the truth but the kings doesn't want that and for the truth Lear doesn't give here her part of the kingdom.
"How, How, Cordelia? Mend your speech a little Lest you may mar your fortunes."

Emanuel Garcia

Anonymous said...

• As a brother
o Loyal
o Trust
o Caring
o Role model
o Friend
o Competitive – makes his brother Edgar become a fugitive. He did this because he is a bastard and wants to be a leader.
1) The most important quality of a brother is trust.
2) Trust means to be able to depend on in good or bad situations.
3) Trust is essential for brothers because if one has a secret, then he is able to share it with his own brother.
4) Edmund has a very difficult time meeting his trust with his brother because he makes his brother Edgar become a fugitive.
5) “ A credulous father, and a brother noble, Whose nature is so far from doing harms that he suspects none, on whose foolish honesty my practices ride easy. I see the business Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit, All with me’s meet that I can fashion fit” (p. 20-21 Orgel). This quote exemplifies the lack of trust Edmund has on his brother Edgar and creates a lie to make his brother become a fugitive.
- Brian Escalante

Anonymous said...

1. Loyal
2. The want to respect family members and to therefore, protect them from any form of harm; and not purposely be destructive to their lives.
3. The importance of 'family loyalty' is the idea that blood runs thicker than water; family are the people that are suppose to unconditionally care for each other, no matter what. To crush and step all over that is complete disrespect, as well as stupid.
4. My character is Edmund and he does not meet that standard. He plans to deceit his father and betrays his brother.
5. "Please, sir, I beg you. It’s a letter from my brother that I haven’t finished reading yet. But judging from the bit I have read, it’s not fit for you to see."
He purposely exaggerates to his father about not wanting him to see the letter, so that his father would insist on reading the letter. Edmund reflects himself as the innocent, good child; and his brother is the selfish and disrespectful.

-Stephanie Santos

Anonymous said...

King Lear

1) A King
2) A Leader
3) A Father
4) An Individual
5) Self- Centered

1) King- Determined, trustworthy, independent and a role model
2) Leader- Strong, a great speaker, fearless, wise
3) Father- Listener, patient, loving, and nice
4) Individual- Respectful, patient, reliable, consistent, and agreeable.
5) Self- Centered- Greedy, avaricious, and mean

My opinion of how King Lear should be:
I think King Lear should be a reliable, wise, unselfish, brave and in a way King Lear should be looked as a hero.

The most important quality of a King is to be fearless.
Fearless to me it means that a King should be brave and let no one tell him what to do, act or say. A king should be fearless to be able to have everyone’s attention and respect.
I think it is important for a King to be fearless, because a great king should be independent, reliable and a wise leader. A king has no fear to act and say what he is intended to say. A fearless king or leader can accomplish goals and be respected from the people. King Lear is fearless because he does not let others influence him on making decisions. “Well, let it be so. Thy truth then be thy dower…” (pg 7)

Anonymous said...

It is important for Goneril and Regan to have the quality to comprehend their father King Lear. To comprehend means to put yourself into another person's shoes in order to understand their feelings, thoughts, oppinions, or actions. This quality is important to have in a daughter to father relationship because comprehension can avoid many arguments and problems. Goneril and Regan do not comprehend their father because they get angry when as a retired king he still gives orders and carries his men around as if he were still king. This is proven when Goneril argues to her father, "I do beseech you To understand my purpose. As you are old and reverend, should be wise. Here do you keep a hundred knights and quires, Men so disordered, so debauched and bold, That this our court, infected with their manners, shows like a riotous inn" (pg.57).

-Elizabeth Vega

Anonymous said...

The most important characteristic a king should posses is knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is the quality of having experience and good judgment making it a key for kings in various kingdoms. This quality is vital for king to have because if a kingdom has a king that doesn’t make good decisions they will have an unsuccessful kingdom. In the play King Lear, Lear significantly meets the criteria of wisdom. Lear shows his wisdom when he decides to give his land to his three daughters before he stepped down from the thrown. This showed his wisdom because Lear knew that if he waited until he retired many people will be fighting for his thrown.
-Roberto Picos

Anonymous said...

The most important quality of a son is loyalty. Loyalty is the act of always standing by and being there for someone, regardless of state of being of the other person. Loyalty is essential for being a good son because loyalty is one of the most important qualities of love and love is also very essential for being a good son. From scale of one to ten, ten being the best son and one being the worst son, I believe that Edmund is a two. As a son, Edmund does not have that any of the qualifications to be a considered a good son. He is not loyal, loving, caring, respectful, or an apprentice. He is not any of those things because he tricks his father, Gloucester, into thinking that his brother, Edgar, is out to kill him. This makes Gloucester want to attack and possible kill Edgar, his own son, due to the so called betrayal Edgar has supposedly committed. ". . . Well then, Legitimate Edgar, I must have your land. Our father's love is to the bastard Edmund as to legitimate. Well, my legitimate, if this letter speed and invention thrive, Edmund the base shall to th' legitimate."

Trey Lovett

Anonymous said...

The most important quality and characteristic Cordelia is honesty and loyalty.

Honesty is a key quality to being a good daughter or son for that matter. Being truthful and keeping loyal is very essential to be a good daughter and a builds a strong bond of love. Very helpful characteristic when it comes to avoiding any bigger conflicts in the future, in some cases. Cordelia really shows this by telling her father that she loves for him, not because of his power and what benefits she can receive if she is to marry, but because it’s against what her father believes, he feels betrayed to hear such words from his favorite daughter. But Cordelia really sticks to her honesty and say what is loyal to her father whether he feels it is or isn’t and what she feels right from her heart.
“Sure I shall never marry like my sisters, To love my father all”-(Cordelia ACT1.1 pg.6)

-Brian D. Martinez

Anonymous said...

Cordelia's characteristic that most explains how she is as a daughter is the respect she has for her father King Lear. Her respect brings out the kindnees, loyalty, and loving side of her as an individual. By her being respectful to King Lear's commands she shows how she is giving dignity to him and shows acceptance towards her father even though she disagrees. As a daughter, being respectful shows how mature she is and it's a way to gain respect in return. "Good my lord, you have begot me, bred me, loved me. I return those duties back as are right fit obey you, love you, and most honor you." Here, Cordelia explains to her father what a daughter should give in return instead of how her sisters are treating him.

-K. Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

Character Critique

1. Lear’s right hand:
2. Father to Cordelia:
3. Fights for what he believes for:
4. No fear to revolt:
5. Smart:
6. Loyal to king Lear:
Right hand to Lear.
1. Respectful: this is important because he always respected KingLear’s children and King Lear himself. When Lear’s offspring took charge they let him live in the Kingdome because he was always respectful.
2. Caring: Kent was always caring for King Lear he took care of him when Lear was too old to look out for himself.
3. Loving: even though Kent was treated badly he was still loyal to king Lear and forgave him for his mistakes.
4. Knew his place: ken never disrespected anyone and knew what his social standing was.

1. The most important quality of a right hand is knowing their place. Respectful.: to know your superiors and to give them the correct amount of attention.It means to know your place and not cross anybody that has more power than you because it can equal death.even though the king banished him kent still loved king lear and remained loyal. Kent proves the best friend for life equation.

-Fernando Barrios

Anonymous said...

King Lear can be viewed as a father and a husband/widower.

- Considerate is an important quality for a father/husband.

- To be considerate is showing kindly awareness or regard for another's feelings or circumstances.

- Being considerate is a big part of any relationship. King Lear should've been more considerate to Cordelia because it would've provided a better understanding for the way Cordelia responded to King Lear. It's important because it would've prevented her exile and his overreaction.

- King Lear does not meet this standard in the least bit.

"Nothing will come of nothing. Speak again." King Lear didn't understand where his daughter was coming from. He didn't realize or be considerate to the fact that Cordelia didn't have words to describe her love for him.

-Brian Garcia

Anonymous said...

Cordella position is to be a daughter, a sister, a friend, and eventualy a wife. The qualities need to being a daughter is simple to be obediant and loving to one's parents. In order to being a sister one must be kind and understanding to a sibling. A friend must be loyal and always have that persons back. A wife must compleat her tasks required of her and to also love and be faithfull. Loyal is a key quality in every type of relationship. Loyalty is to be dependibal and to have one's back. Loyalty means that this perosn will be on there friends, parents, ect. side. Having loyal people around means that they are seraounded by people that are turethful, loving, and concerd with one's well being. Cordella meet this standard very well. Even thow her father banished her, she never stop loving him and caring for his well being. Cordelia deminstrates that she still was loyal to her father even thow he disowned her. "Love well our father. To your professed bosoms I commit him; but yet, alas, stood I within his grace, I would prefer him to a berrer place"(152).
- Gladys Mayra Delgado

Anonymous said...

Love is the most important quality a bother can have because it’s the bond and trustworthiness from siblings. Love is what makes all the characteristics true. There are certain things in life that can only be done because of the love you show for one another. Edmund doesn’t show love towards his brother though. He cannot be considered a good brother. He tricked his father into thinking that his brother Edgar is trying to kill him, which is a lie. Edmund is considered a villain and has no feelings for his brother. Edmund at times seems jealous of his brother instead of showing love. “…My father hath set guard to take my brother; And I have one thing, of a queasy question, Which I must act: briefness and fortune, work! Brother, a word; descend: brother, I say!” (Act 2, Scene 1)

--Evan Vizcarra

Anonymous said...

• Daughter
1. Loving
2. Trusting
3. Loyal
4. Civil
5. Supportive
6. Honest- Cordelia is an honest daughter because when her and her sisters were talking to their father she told him the truths, were as her sisters told King Lear that they love him the most in the world. Cordelia told her father that she lives her father but cannot say the things her sisters say because it would be a lie.
• FiancĂ©
1. Loving
2. Caring
3. Loyal
4. Trust Worthy
5. Respectful
6. Companion
7. Helpful
8. Supportive
1) The most important quality of a daughter is to be honest.
2) Honesty- To me honesty means saying or demonstrating something as it really is. It means being truthful and loyal.
3) Being honest is important because without honesty one loses the foundation on which trust, relationships, and respect is built on.
4) My character meets the honesty standard fairly good because no matter the consequences behind her honesty she continues being loyal.

5) “You have begot me, bred me, loved me. I […] Why have my sisters husbands, if they say They love you all? Happily when I shall wed That lord whose hand must take my plight shall carry Half my love with him, half my care and duty.
-Eduardo Torres

Anonymous said...

Dominica Martinez

Cordelia is the youngest daughter of King Lear.
The most important quality of a daughter is loyalty. Loyal means to believe in someone, and to following or listening to them even when they are wrong. Loyalty is important because how can you follow a King/father if you do not believe in him. Without loyalty then there is always a chance of betrayal, and that is something a King/father should look out for. Cordelia is loyal because even thought her father disowns her she remains loyal to him and she forgives her father. She is virtuous, so virtuous that the King of France wants to marry her even though she doesn’t have any land, and wouldn’t bring much to the table financially. The quote on page 144 shows how much loyalty and respect Cordelia has for her father. The quote is “I return those duties back as are right fit, obey you, love you, and most honor you.”