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Lear Question and Answer

For this blog, post the answers to the questions about the behavior/motivation/psychology of Lear, Cordelia, Goneril & Regain, Kent, Edmund, Edgar, and Gloucester.


Anonymous said...

Why does she have to die?
Cordelia has to die because she tried to fight her father’s army with hers and she was captured.

Why does Lear choose to retire? What caused him to consider this as an option?
Lear decided to retire because he did not want to get over thrown.

Why aren’t they aligned with codelia?
Regan and Goneril aren’t in agreement with Cordelia because they want more land and money.

What is his plan?
Edgar’s plan is to get revenge on Edmund.

Why does it take him so long to see the truth?
It takes Gloucester because he didn’t react well to what Edmund told him about Edgar’s plan.

-Sandy Ornelas
Eddie Torres
Brian Esclante

Christina Cecil and Elizabeth Vega said...

Why does Cordelia accept excile so readily/easily/quickly?

Cordelia had really no choice but to obey her father or risk beong killed by her father's oders.

Why are Regan and Goneril attracted to Edmund?

They see him becoming nothing to something. He shows his determination to gain power by being cunning. They all share the characteristics of being greedy and powerhungy.

Why does Edgar trust Edmund?

Edmund pulled an unexpected act on Edgar and convinced Edgar that thier dad was mad at him and that he should run away to avoid their father's wrath. EDgar believed him because Edmund is his brother and he never expected his brother to betray him.

Why does Lear choose to create the competition/loyality oath among his daugthers?

He was trying to find a way to divide up his kingdom and it was follish of him to believe that by hearing a loving speech this meant that his daughters loved him. In reality actions speak louder than words.

Why does Gloucester try to kill himself?

He felt useless and betrayed by his son Edmund and according to him he had no knowledge of where Edgar was. So he wanted his life to end.

Anonymous said...

Why does Lear decide to divide his kingdom into thirds?
• Because in his mind a complicated a big problem can be solved by one simple solution. By giving his daughters the fractions of the kingdom he is letting his legacy on to them. His rule will still be under his arm even though it’s not him ruling, but his blood.
Why do they refuse Lear’s entourage?
• Because they don’t like the way his entourage act in the castle and this is just another way to get King Lear out their lives.
Why does he deceive?
• He thinks the only way to get what he wants and respect being the bastard child is to deceive those around him. Being looked down upon as the unequal impure child of the family. Edmund deceives in order to cope with everything he encounters and gain power in the family.
Why does it take him so long to seek the truth?
• Gloucester is too gullible he believes everything his sons say and doesn’t see beyond their capabilities. As a father he trusts his sons as a parent should. His belief is that trust is in his hands and that nothing could happen to him.
Why does she give a good answer to Lear’s test?
• Cordelia is being honest and doesn’t want to deceive him as her sisters are doing. By giving him and honest and respectable answer as to what she really feels, she is being loyal and truthful to her beloved father.

Trey Lovett
Evan Vizcarra
Brian D. Martinez

Anonymous said...

4. (LEAR) Why does he get so angry with Cordelia’s reaction/answer? Why does he banish her?
King Lear gets upset because she does not place him above all others or everything else. He was disappointed at her answer because she was his favorite daughter. He banishes her because he feels she is being disloyal and disrespectful to him.
3. (CORDELIA) Why does Cordelia give Lear such an honest answer?
She feels that to be dishonest would be disloyal to herself. She sees through her sisters deceptions and anticipates her downfall.
7. (REGAN/GONERIL) Why are they more dominant than their husbands?
Because they are spoiled, believe they are above everything else, and place their husband’s below their father. They were raised to be rulers because Lear has no sons.
1. (KENT) Why does he speak up? Why doesn’t he just keep quiet?
Kent speaks up because he sees his deceptions for what they are and realizes King Lear doesn’t. His sense of morality would not allow him to keep quiet.
2. (EDMUND) Why is he so sensitive?
He is sensative because his father and brother call him a bastard every chance they get and remind him of where he comes from. He is living a life of deception which leads him to distrust everyone.
1. (GLOUCESTER) Why does he remain true to the ex-king even though it means treason?
No one proved themselves to be a better ruler than Lear, to whom he has been loyal. His loyalty has been proven for many years.

-M. McKenney
L.S. Niederauer

Anonymous said...

1.Why doesn’t Cordelia just take over because she’s married to someone very powerful?Cordelia doesn’t take over because she feels she will betray her father. This is family to her, and she is truly loyal, unlike Regan and Goneril.

2.Why doesn’t King Lear try to take his kingdom back?King Lear never suspects that his own daughters rebel against him. King Lear is also blinded by fatherly love. He is too old or physical strength to run a kingdom.

3.Why are Goneril and Regan so disrespectful?
Both Goneril and Regan wanted to seize their father’s vulnerability and generosity by selling themselves.

4.Why does Edmund align with Goneril/Regan?
Edmund is selfish, when aligning with them he was only going to get a part, but he wanted more.

5.Why doesn’t Kent work to help overthrow Regan/Goneril?
He is loyal to King Lear, so he didn’t want to overthrow Lear’s daughters, because he saw them grow up, and saw them as family.

6.Why is Gloucestor so gullible?
Gloucestor is eagar to have his sons rule, that he doesn’t pay attention to reality, so this becomes his down fall.

Fernando Barrios
Roberto Picos
Erika Perez

Anonymous said...

King Lear
Why did King Lear die?
-Cordelia is needlessly killed and he dies out of grief of her passing.

Why was she exiled?
-King Lear was not satisfied with her response of how much she loved him.

Why do they kick King Lear out?
-They were afraid he would take back the kingdom he gave them.

Why does he come back to the kingdom?
-He comes back disguised as a peasant calling himself Caius so that he can continue to serve Lear even after he was banished by King Lear.

How does he behave towards his father? Why?
-Edgar disguises himself as a mad beggar to avoid is father’s men, but still aids King Lear. Then comes back to retaliate for his brothers treason.

Why does he try to kill himself?
-He was shaken by King Lear’s presence and promises the Gods he would not try to commit suicide again.

-Brian Garcia
-Kathleen Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

Why does Lear choose to retire? What caused him to consider this as an option?
Lear decided to retire because he did not want to get over thrown. Another opition could be because he is getting older and he was afraid someone could kill him. Also because he didn’t have the power to continue to rule a Kingdom. Because he wanted to see how his daughters would rule the Kingdom. He also wanted to give his land to his daughters since he didn’t have a son.

-Sandy Ornelas
Eddie Torres
Brian Esclante

Anonymous said...

-King Lear: King Lear goes crazy because at first his daughters told him they love him, but in the end when Lear most needed his daughters they rejected him.
-Cordelia: She was truthful about her answer, because she felt like being honest so she wouldn't feel alright if she had lied to his father.
-Regan/ Goneril: They are ambitious because they want power and rule and be leaders like King Lear. Regan/ Goneril will find a way to obtain what they desire.
-Kent: He sticks with Cordelia, because he felt that he can trust her, because she understood him of what he went through.
-Edmund: He felt left out, because he did not receive any power by his father.
-Edgar: He can trust Edmund, because it was his oldest brother.
-Gloucester: He treats Edmund wrong, because he knows that he came from a bad background.

Noreida Iniguez
Grecia Solano

Anonymous said...

Why is he so stubborn?
Lear is stubborn mainly because when he was king everyone around him obeyed his orders. So therefore he got use to ordering.
Why was she Lear’s Favorite before the test?
Cordelia was Lear’s favorite before the test because she was the youngest and not married like the other two sisters.
Why are they so violent?
They are violent because they wanted to inherit their father’s kingdom and have control of everything. They start to become cruel and ambitious.
Why does speak up?/ Why doesn’t he just keep quite.
Kent speaks up to defend Cordelia because Lear wasn’t going to leave any possession to Cordelia for telling the truth.
Why does he keep disguised?
He kept disguised because everyone in the kingdom was fighting for the throne, therefore he wanted to stay out of it.
Why does he try to kill himself?
Gloucester tries to kill himself because he was a the traitor and they wanted to kill him.

Emanuel Garcia
Jessica Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Dominica Martinez
Gladys Mayra Delgado
Stephanie Santos

Ling Lear:
Even though the fool is blunt about things that are going on in the kingdom King Lear likes the fools so because he doesn’t take him seriously. The fool is seen as an entertainer, but can also be seen as King Lears conscience reminding him of his mistakes.

Cordelia doesn’t go along with King Lear’s “test” because she is honest and tells her father she loves him as a daughter should love her father. Cordelia is so honest that the King of France wants her even after her father has disowned her and says she is worthless.

What caused a wedged between the sisters was the fact that they both had affections for Edmund. They were attracted to Edmund because he was a power climber just like the sisters.

Kent stays in touch with Crodelia because they have a mutual feeling of loyalty towards King Lear.

Edmund plots against his father and brother in order to get the respect and inheritance he believes he deserves, and also because he is power hungry.

Gloucestor remains loyal to King Lear because they are friends and he can’t switch loyalties so quickly.

Anonymous said...

What kind of king was Lear?
-The type of king Lear was noble, loyal, and humble.

Why is Cordelia so different from her sisters?
Cordelia is different from her sisters because of her honestly and she is not greedy for her father's throne.

Why did Goneril and Regan played along with Lear's test?
Goneril and Regan played along with Lear's test because they did not like Cordelia and rather to share the throne with each other.

Why is Kent so loyal?
Kent is loyal because Lear never mistreated him and they were good friends.

Why does Edmund wants power?
Edmund wants to overthrow his father and gain higher power because he was mistreated and he was the "bastard" son.

Why does Gloucester believes Edmund's trick at first?
Gloucester believes Edmund's trick at first because he trust his son and Edmund was skilled at the art of deception.

-Howard Lin
-Greyson McDaniel

Anonymous said...

Eduardo Figueroa
Freddy Soza
Erik Figueroa

1.Why does he favor Cordelia?

Lear favors Cordelia because she is the only still in the home with him, she's the baby of the family.

2. Why doesn't she try to compete with her sisters?

Cordelia doesn't understand that her father just wants to be acknowledged as a great father and leader now that he is stepping down.

3. Why do Goneril/Regan want power/control?

The sisters are now finally getting a chance to assert their naturally dominant behavior. They let it get out of control.

4. Why is Kent so loyal to Lear?

Kent is loyal because of their long history together being Lear's closest friend and confidant. Kent knows that Lear needs him.

5. Why is Edmund so sensitive to being illegitimate?

Because his father is constantly bringing up the fact that Edmund can only ever be second place to his other son Edgar.

6. Why does Gloucester try to kill himself?

Gloucester, after being blinded physically, realizes how blind he was to the lies all around him. He feels there is no solution to his problems so decides to kill himself.

Anonymous said...

1. King Lear divides his kingdom in a way that is fair and equal.

2. Cordelia probably treated her father(Lear) as a respectful daughter in the past.

3. Goneril and Regan are attracted to Edmund because he is cunning and power hungry just like they are.

4. Kent tried to defend Cordelia because Lear was making a mistake in exiling her out of the kingdom. He also saw the deception of the two older daughters when they gave their speeches.

5. Edgar trusts his brother because he has a natural trust for him.

6. Gloucester risks his own life for Lear because he is trying to help a old friend who is in need of help.

-Michael Gomez

Anonymous said...

King Lear
Why does he get so angry with Cordelia's response?
King Lear expected admiration and Cordelia did not deliver that love.

Why isn't she already married?
She doesn't seem to interested in marriage at the beginning of the play.

Goneril + Regan
Why are they so dominant in their marriage?
The sisters are the ones who actually hold the royal blood. The husbands were more of an accessory to their hunger for power and dominance.

How did he become so close to the King?
He was very well trusted and had already been working for him for over 30 years.

Edmund + Edgar
Why does he betray his brother?
Edmund betrays his brother Edgar because he is jealous of his brother and feels his father should give him his so inheritance.

Why does he believe Edmund's deception?
Edmund was very believable and the letter was forged in Edgar's hand writing.

Leticia Orozco
Beatriz Dominguez
David Maciel Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

King Lear chooses to retire because he knows hes getting old and he needs to be fit in case of a war and he has lost that and was scared to get over thrown by someone else.
Cordelia is Lear's favorite daughter because she has not married and trusts her more.
Goneril and Regan are united because they want to govern together. They want Cordelia to leave because they know that Lear will choose her.
Kent is loyal because he has known him since along time and his trustful.
Edmund is so sensitive about being the bastard son because he is scared that his brother will keep the fortune by himself.
Gloucester tries to kill himself because he feels guilty of betraying his people.
-U Garcia
-G Becerra

Anonymous said...

Why does she gets disowned by her father?
-because she had nothing to say about how much she loved him.

Why does Lear choose to retire?
-Because he wants to relax and enjoy a little peace in his old age.

Why do they play along with Lear? Why aren't they honest?
-Because they want the big inheritance he's offering to the daughter that loves him the most.

Why does he treat Edmond the way he does?
-Because he has another son who is legitimate and he's feel that Edmond snuck in by mistake.

Why is he so sensitive about being a bastard?
-Because he feels that he should be treated the way Gloucester treats his other son, with love and support.

Why does Kent stick around?
-He's a very good friend of the King and he has been away for a long time.

-Y. Clay

Anonymous said...

King Lear
Why does he choose to devise this contest for love/loyalty as the means of evaluating merit?

King Lear chooses to have the contest to see how his daughters feel about him if the 3 daughters do really love him and are ready to serve the kingdom.


Why doesn’t she play along with her fathers game and tell him what he wants to hear?

Cordelia actually expresses true feeling for her father instead of just lying and just saying what her father wants to hear because she actually really loves her father.

Goneril And Regan

Why don’t they put up with the kings antics?( his entourage + his attitude of superiority)?

Goneril and Regan are just greedy and want the power over the kingdom.


Why does he feel the need to speak up and defend Cordelia?

Kent wants the best for Lear and can actually see that Cordelia is actually the only one that loves King Lear.


Why does he help his father kill himself?

Edgar was afraid of his father because of Edmunds lie that Gloucester was going to kill Edgar.


Why does he try to kill Himself?

Gloucester tries to kill himself because he knows he has made a big mistake in thinking that Edgar was a traitor when in reality it was Edmund that was the traitor.
Raul Mendoza
Ramon Duran
Gisel Hernandez

Anonymous said...

1).Why is King Lear so harsh with Kent?
He is harsh because he is a despotic king that doesn't tolerate resistance from anybody, and doesn't want his decisions to be questioned.

2).How has Cordelia treated her father in the past?
She has always been the good daughter that listens to her father and obeys him.

3). Why are Goneril and Regan so attracted to Edmund?
They are so attracted to him because he showed leadership and strength.

4). Does Kent have any powers? How does he use it if (or not)?
Kent doesn't have any powers,but he's a nobleman who influences King Lear's decisions.

5). Why does Edmund betray his father?
He betrays his father because he's trying to get his revenge from being mistreated by Gloucester and the society as just a bastard.

6). Why does Gloucestler tires to kill himself?
He tries to kill himslef to put and end and run away from his misery that his son caused, and he was blind.

-Khulood Hussin
-Ivan Matip
-vera Nard
-Carlo Buccat

Anonymous said...

Lear: “Why can he not recognize Kent in his disguise?”
Lear cannot recognize Kent because Lear is distracted and perhaps too stubborn to think Kent would return so soon.
Cordelia: “Why does she feel the need to be honest with Lear?”
Cordelia feels that she is closer to her father than her two sisters; therefore she believes she can be more honest with him than her sisters can.
Goneril and Regan: “Why do they evict Lear and forbid anyone to help him?”
Goneril and Regan forbid anyone to help their father because they are power hungry and don’t want Lear to be able to potentially reclaim his thrown.
Kent: “How did he become so close to the King?”
Kent has worked for the King for so long that he has developed a kind of bond with Lear. He couldn’t have stayed a loyal servant for so long if he did not have the utmost respect for Lear.
Edmund and Edgar: “Why does [Edgar] trust his brother?”
Edgar is the elder brother to Edmund. Therefor Edgar believes that his younger brother would not cross his older brother.
Gloucester: “Why is he so loyal to Lear?”
Again, Gloucester is a fellow nobleman to Lear and their relationship goes way back. This old relationship means there is a certain degree of loyalty between these two men.

Curtis Fago
Nancy Flores
James Wolfenstein

Anonymous said...

Why is he so angry and belligerant and stubborn all the time?
All he wants is to be treated like a king and power so he choose to be angry simply because he can. He doesn't choose to rule his kingdom for the good of others.

Why is she so different from her sisters?
She's honest to her father at the beginning of the play. She doesn't care about what she could get from him out of lying like her sisters.

Why do they become divided?
Goneril and Regan become divided because they are both attracted to Edmund.

Why does he feel the need to speak up? and defend Cordelia?
He felt he needed to speak up for Cordelia because it wasn't fair for Lear to not leave any possessions to her after she was being completely honest about her love for him.

Why is he so sensitive about being a "bastard"?
He is so sensitive about being a "bastard" because his status as a "bastard" holds him back from reaching his goals of gaining power and land.

Why does he love his brother so much?
Edgar loves his brother so much because he trusts him just like a brother should. He doesn't feel like he would be betrayed.

Why does he believe Edmund's tricks at first? and so easily?
Gloucester believes Edmund's tricks because Edmund is so good at decieving and plans it out perfectly.

-- A. Razo
S. Morales

Anonymous said...

Why Is King Lear so stubborn?
King Lear is stubborn because he is used to having everybody do as he orders too. As a retired king he is used to everyone submitting to his needs and wants.

Why are Gonereil and Regan so violent?
Gonereil and Regan are constantly fighting for their fathers praise. For the sole purpose of inheriting their dad's kingdome.They completely let greed take over their lives.

Why is Cordelia the favorite?
Cordelia is the favorite daughter of King Lear because she is the youngest and remains unmarried she is also the nice one out of his daughters.

Why is does Edmund hate his brother?
Edmund hates his brother because he is a rightfull son , unlike him who is only a bastard son of king Lear. He fears that he will be excludede from the riches. he is very greedy and does anything to recieve his father's fortune.

Why does Kent disguise himself?
He comes back disguised as a begger to continue to serve King Lear after he has been exiled.

--Maria Bravo