Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

What kind of a King was Lear?
Why does Lear choose to retire? Why doesn't he just remain king until death?
Why does Lear choose to divide his kingdom instead of keeping it intact/coherent?
Why does Lear stage his test to prove his daughter's worthiness for that kingdom?
Why does he get so angry with Cordelia's response/answer?
Why does he not see through Kent's disguise?
Why does he maintain his kingly tone of superiority even after he retires?
Why does he feel the need to maintain his entourage of knights?
Why is he so stubborn? Why does he get so angry when people question his choices?
Why doesn't he try to take back his kingdom?
Why does he "go crazy"?
Why does he like to have the fool around so much?

Why doesn't she give a "good" answer to Lear's test?
Why does she feel the need to be so blunt? so honest?
How has she treated Lear in the past? Has she always been so honest?
Why isn't she already married?
Why does she accept exile so readily?
How does she feel about her sisters? Why isn't she as close to them as they are to each other?
Why is/was she Lear's favorite?
Why doesn't she try to seize power immediately with France?
Why does she go to war instead of just taking Lear with her to France?

Goneril & Regan
Why are they so close to each other (at first)?
Why do they play along with Lear's test/game?
Why are they distant from Cordelia?
Why do they refuse Lear's entourage?
Why aren't they more understanding of Lear's antics (his entourage and his attitude)?
Why do they evict him from their homes?
Why do they refuse others from offering him sanctuary/shelter?
Why are they so ambitious?
Why are they so violent? Why are they so good at killing?
Why are they so dominant and aggressive?
Why are they so attracted to Edmund?

Why does he feel the need to speak up? Why doesn't he just keep quiet?
Why does he come back? Why doesn't he just leave?
How did he become this close to Lear?
Why does he stay true to Cordelia?
Why doesn't he try to overthrow Goneril and Regan?

Why does he plot against his brother and father?
Why does he choose this method (the forged letter) for his deception?
Why is he so sensitive to the "bastard" label?
Why does he deceive? Why is he so good at it?
Why does he want power so much?

Why does he trust his brother?
Why doesn't he try to stay in contact with others?
Why does he hide? Why does he choose his specific disguise?
What is his plan?
Why does he maintain his disguise for so long?
Why does he seem active at the end and not the beginning?
Why does he help his father "kill himself"?

Why is he so loyal to Lear?
Why does he risk his life to give Lear shelter?
Why does he treat Edumund so poorly?
Why does he believe Edmund's deception so quickly?
Why does he try to kill himself?

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