Friday, April 27, 2012

Newspaper Articles

"Road death toll soars in poorest countries: More children killed by traffic than by diseases Campaigners call for UN target to reduce carnage." by Randeep Ramesh (from LexisNexis) discusses how more schoolchildren in Africa are killed by traffic than by infectious diseases; Ramesh describes what is causing these deaths as well as various proposals to try to decrease the numbers. The article "Roadside health centre will treat, inform truckers" (from LexisNexis) describes the high percentage of truckers in South Africa who have AIDS and discusses various proposals to try to decrease those numbers as well as the future spread of the HIV virus among those who travel the highways. In the article "On India's Roads, Cargo and a Deadly Passenger" (from, Amy Waldman describes the spread of HIV/AIDS from truckers and prostitues along the highways in India. Waldman gives individual examples (pathos) of those afflicted as well as an overview of the social context in which roads and highways are allowing the disease to spread.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Friday's Class

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For Friday, read the selections from "Does College Make You Smarter" and post a brief response to your blog: what do you think?  Does college make students smarter?

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m woodman