Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Friday's Class

Hello All,

For Friday, read the selections from "Does College Make You Smarter" and post a brief response to your blog: what do you think?  Does college make students smarter?

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m woodman


Anonymous said...

My blog still isn't on the class list.

ollie johnson said...

A college education is a higher education, therefore,college does make an individual smarter because students are exposed to academic material requires for studying.

Denisse Silva said...

College is an educational institution which promotes learning, therefore I truly believe that college makes students smarter. Although the article states that in the first two years, college undergraduates learn very little, in my opinion, this is not relevant to the other two years left to complete a degree. The first two years in college consist of mandated and uninteresting general education courses, while the rest increase the knowledge and expertise of a student in a subject. As for the issue regarding college as being dumbed down, the state should be blamed for. Colleges must have certain graduation rates to receive funds from the government, this might cause colleges to make classes easier for students to pass and fulfill the requirements to graduate. Taxpayers need to be concerned of this issue; their money is consumed and it is not being invested for educational purposes.

prejudgedanimal said...