Monday, October 31, 2011

The Interview

Hello All,

Post three questions you could ask the subject of your interview.


Anonymous said...

Haley Anderson

1) What do you believe to be the biggest error in education?

2) What do you think students have the biggest struggle with when it comes to education?

3) What do you see as the ideal classroom/school?

Anonymous said...

1) What error, in your opinion, has the biggest impact on the child?

2) Why is true information so difficult to obtain?

3) Do you believe Child Protective Services may be doing more harm than good over all?

Sarah Garcia

Anonymous said...

Gabby Castro

1) What type of errors occur in Psychology?

2) How often do these type of errors occur?

3) Can these errors lead to positive results?

Mishabc said...

1) Does the facility offer continuous education on patient safety? i.e Infection control and/or preventing falls.
2) What are the most common errors that you and your fellow coworkers witness most?
3) Why do you think those type of errors occur more frequently? and In your opinion, what would be the best way to approach minimizing those errors?

Anonymous said...

Laura Castro

1) What kind of errors occur in Biology?

2) How an these errors be fixed?

3) How can you avoid making errors?

Anonymous said...

Gifty Sackey

1. Do you think there are big and small medical errors or they the same?

2. What do you think is a helpful way to reduce medical error?

3. When are medical errors most likely to occur?

Anonymous said...

1. Why is it that medical errors occur?
2. How often do Medical errors occur?
3. What is the biggest Medical error that has occurred?

Jessica Vallejos

Anonymous said...

Mayadah Saef

1) What are some of the most frequent mistakes that occur in Criminal Justice?

2) What are some reasons why these errors occur?

3) Can mistakes/failures lead to positive results?

Anonymous said...

1. What errors do you often see in hospitals?
2. What are the aspects of medical error?
3. How many mistakes are reported? What happens when they are reported?
4. How are mistakes classified?
-Chie Sonoda

Gerald Lebrilla said...

1) Why is it important to love yourself psychologically?

2) What are the most common errors in psychology?

3)Many theories in psychology seem to contradict one another? If psychology is considered a science, why are there so many arguments?

-Gerald Lebrilla

Anonymous said...

Amisha Patel

1) Have you witnessed any medical errors?

2)How are you trained to go about medical errors if they occur?

3)In your opinion, how can medical errors be reduced?

Anonymous said...

Tyler Moyer

How do feel about the education reform?

What do you feel is the biggest error in the education system?

What do feel is the main error inside the classroom?

Anonymous said...

Mondo Alexander

1. What type of errors occur while officers are on duty?

2. What are some reasons why errors or mistakes happen in criminal justice?

3. Have any mistakes or error you known about or committed turn out positive?

Anonymous said...

Dominique Maez

1. What type of medical errors happen in a hospital?
2. What type of training do you have inorder to avoid error?
3. In your opinion, what is the largest mistake that can be made in a hospital?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think that this type of sexually abuse is more often by teachers or other type of authority?
According to the article A description of Sexual Offending Committed by Canadian Teachers, “teachers represent the largest occupational group of sexual abusers” do you agree or disagree with this quote?
What are the negative effects of abusing a child?
Olga Calderon

Anonymous said...

Megan Thompson

1)Have you made any mistakes that involved Kinesiology and Excercise Science?

2)What have you done to avoid making errors in your field?

3)In your field are you taught on how to react if an error occures?

Anonymous said...

Eduardo Monterrosas

1. What is the biggest error you believe can happen in your field of business?
2. How do you compete with other businesses to keep business successful?
3.. How do you start a business?

Anonymous said...

Pedro S. Naveiras

What happens when a person loses their faith?

Can that faith be restored?

What are some errors in the field of religious studies and philosophy?

Anonymous said...

Field of Medicine/ Emergency Department or Surgical Care

1. What are the most common errors that employees make in your department?

2. Is there a strategy that is used for reducing errors and preventing reoccurrence?

3. How often are actual injuries or “closed calls” reported? Is it publicized or private?

-Charmaine Parubrub

Rich4309 said...

Richard Gomez

1) What do you believe is the most common mistake in criminal justice?

2)What type of techniques do they teach to prevent mistakes such as wrongful convictions?

3) what your thought on corruption?

4)Do you think theres any way we could avoid corruption?

Kayla Shanley said...

How do errors effect history in your opinion?

What are the positive (and negative) effects of errors in history?

Can you recall a mistake that had a positive effect on your career?

Chastity Duke said...

1) How does wrongful convictions effect the criminal justice system?

2) Is there any precautions being taken to prevent these errors?

3) How could we successfully educate future Criminal Justice majors on the subject of wrongful convictions?