Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Interview

For this post, list four people you could interview for your research paper, and list ten questions you could ask these individuals.


Anonymous said...


Medical Doctors
Physical Therapists
Court Officials
Law Enforcement

1. What are the most common mistakes made in this field?
2. What do you think is the worst error someone can make in this profession?
3. Do patients frequently make mistakes?
4. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
5. What’s the worst mistake you have witnessed?
6. Have you ever made a mistake you felt was justifiable?
7. What actions do you take to avoid making errors?
8. What are possible repercussions from making mistakes in this field?
9. What actions are taken to correct mistakes made?
10. Is it possible to remain error free?

- Brian Garcia & Eduardo Torres -

Anonymous said...

People we can interview: Adviser, Boss, Secretary, Nurses, Business People, Psychology Majors
What made you go into that field?
What are common errors you have made?
Describe how you felt when you made that error?
What were the consequences of the error you made?
How do people in these fields decide what is wrong?
What is your definition of “being wrong”?
What have experts in this field learned from their errors?
How can people avoid mistakes?
How have errors affected your life in your field and why?
What makes you stay in this field, and not leave?

-Sandy Ornelas and Brian Escalante

Anonymous said...

Vandana Kohli, Dr. Janet Armentor-Cota

Journalism/Communication: John Emig

Questions for the interview:

1.What are the most common mistakes in the field?
2.What are the least common mistakes in the field?
3.What mistakes have you made in the past?
4.What significant mistakes have you noticed in the field?
5.What are the effects of mistakes?
6.Has the technology improved or hinder success in the field?
7.How do beliefs affect individuals in the field?
8.Is there only one individual always responsible for errors?
9.How did you feel when you made a mistake?
10.What actions did you take to fix the problem or error?

-Elizabeth Vega, Christina Cecil

Anonymous said...

Head Swim Coach – Chris Hansen
Academic Adviser
Athletic Director
Campus Police Officer

1.What type of education is required?
2.Is it hard to be where you are today?
3.What’s your favorite part of the job?
4.What's you least favorite part of the job?
5.How stressful is the job?
6.What are the job requirements?
7.What are the expectations?
8.What happens if mistakes are made?
9.Can you have an outside life with the job you have?
10.What are the hours like?

--Evan Vizcarra, Trey Lovett & Brian Martinez

Anonymous said...

I can ask:
A secretary, a history professor of 232,
1. What is an error that has occurred in the past?
2. What do you consider being wrong is?
3. Do you think people in the past thought it to be a condemning thing to being wrong?
4. How do you think we can avoid errors?
5. What is your thought on learning from our mistakes?
6. Do you believe we can learn from other peoples or past mistakes?
7. How hard is it to not do or repeat the mistake that has been made before?
8. Do you think that after making a mistake people will look you the same way?
9. Are you regretful towards some of the mistakes that you have done?
10. Are you proud of the errors that you have done in the past?

-Gladys Mayra Delgado

Anonymous said...

Mr. Renteria –English Teacher
Mr. Watson-History Teacher
Mr. Pedraza –History Teacher
Mr. Truman-School Counselor
1.What got you interested in this field?
2.What you do think or feel about your career?
3.What did you find the most difficult thing to accomplish in this field? Why?
4.How long have you been in this department?
5.Have you failed within the field before?
6.Describe how you felt when you failed?
7.What do you disagree or agree with in this field?
8.What do you find the most fascinating about the field?
9. What was one main mistake you feel was made during the Civil War?
10.How do you deal with students who are not willing to succeed in the class?
Stephanie Santons & Kathleen Rodriguez

Anonymous said...

Dominica Martinez

Criminal Justice: Doris Hall McPhetridge
Police Officer
History: Brett Schmoll

1.What types of mistakes have you made as in your profession that caused other people problems?
2.Have you ever disagreed with someone who thought you were wrong when you thought you were right?
3.If so, who was right and who was wrong, or did you agree to disagree?
4.How do you feel when you make a mistake in your field?
5.Have you ever made a mistake that you regret?
6.Have you ever made the same twice or more?
7.Have you been emotional about a mistake that you made?
8.Have you ever made a mistake intentionally?
9.Has anything positive come out of a mistake that you did?
10.Have you ever made a mistake while teaching that offended a student.

Anonymous said...

Chief of Police- Williamson
The President of CSUB-Horance Mitchell

1. What may be the most difficult experience in your work field?
2. When did you decide to peruse this profession?
3. When did you change your goal?
4. Was there ever a situation that wished things had gone differently?
5. Did have any stumble on your way to gain this profession?
6. What consequences can there be after a certain mistake was made? Ex.
7. Are you satisfied with your profession? Do you think you made a mistake when choosing this profession?
8. In general, what is the main mistake that can be made in this field?
9. Did you ever make the mistake of doubting yourself?
10. If you ever committed a mistake, how long did it take to fix?


Anonymous said...

1.What is your profession?
2.How long did it take to get your degree?
3.Have you ever felt that you made a mistake in your career?
4.Have you ever felt a major responsibility?
5.At what age did you start working in your degree?
6.Describe how you felt about a mistake you have made?
7.Did you graduate in the top rank of your class?
8.What do you think is the biggest mistake a teacher/ communicator does?
9.Have you ever made so mistakes that you have regret doing?
10.Why did you decide to graduate in that major?

Jessica Gonzalez
Grecia Solano

Anonymous said...

1. What’s a common error this field makes?
2. What could of have happen if this error did not happen?
3. What were the results because of the error?
4. How did the error effect in the society?
5. What was the outcome of the error made in that field?
6. Was that error a result of one individual or a series of errors?
7. Did the individual had consequences by making that error?
8. How long did it took you to have a degree or what king of requirements were need?
9. Did you participate in internships?
10.What has been the most positive result of a mistake someone has made?

-Noreida Iniguez
-Laura S. Niederauter

Anonymous said...

Eduardo Figueroa
Erik Figueroa
Freddy Soza
Beatrice Dominguez

Spanish Teacher
Stock Brokers
Tech Support

1. What kinds of mistakes do you come across most often?

2. What kind of mistakes happens the most often in this field?

3. What is the worst type of mistake that can occur in your field?

4. Are mistakes in your job/field always negative?

5. What are some common ways that mistakes are handled?

6. Are there any error prevention systems in place?

7. What is the rate of error in this field?

8. What type of person is attracted to this line of work?

9. What's your average day at work?

10. What, if anything, would you change about your job/field?

Anonymous said...

1. Exactly what kind of engineer are you?
2. What duties do/would you perform on a daily basis? What kind of more specialized work is involved in your profession?
3. What company did you work for?
4. What sort of projects did you work on?
5. What sorts of errors are usually committed by engineers?
6. What kinds of systems or methods are in place to prevent and discover errors?
7. Can you recall any notable errors made during your time there?
8. Did you yourself make any mistakes that you remember?
9. If so, from your mistakes, what was the lesson you learned, if any?
10. How are errors or mistakes viewed at your company?
11. Do you agree with that?
12. How do you think the engineering field could improve their systems so that errors don’t occur as frequently?
13. How do you feel about the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant?
14. Free time: anything you want to talk about or think we should know that we haven’t already covered?

Possible Interviewees:
Mr. Jose Castro, former aerospace engineer.
Mr. Andy Hicks, former electric engineer.
Dr. Jeff Lewis, CSUB engineering department
Mr. Charlie McIntire, automotive engineer.

Curtis Fagot
James Wolfenstein
Nancy Flores

Howard said...

1. Gym owner
2. Computer tech
3. Sponsors of the gym/employees
4. Software developer

1. What is the most major issue that you had to deal with in your business?
2. How did you deal with this issue (outcome/process)?
3. Did any of your mistakes cause the computer(s) to mal function?
4. What was the most horrific issue you had to deal with?
5. What do the customers think about the business of the gym? (Is it up to their standards?)
6. Does competition of other gyms affect your business?
7. Did any of the software ended up being undeveloped?
8. When you make an error a piece of software, what are the steps you take to fix the mistake?
9. What happens if somebody gets injured at your gym? (Are you liable?)
10. Did you end up losing profit attempting to fix a computer?

Howard Lin
Greyson McDaniel

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wang - Programmer/professor
Dr. Thomas Meyers - Engineer
Dr. Jeff Lewis - Physics
Dr. Larson - Math

1. What field do you specialize in?
2. What made you choose this career?
3. Did any project fail during testing?
4. How did you resolve the problem?
5. How did this make yourself better in your field?
6. What are common mistakes in your filed?
7. Did the errors hurt you in anyway in your field?
8. What important steps did you take analyze the error?
9. What hypothesis did you make when the error first showed itself?
10. Define what an error is in your field?

- Michael Gomez & Carlo Buccat

Anonymous said...

Criminal Justice
1.Police Officer
1.Museum historian

1. What is an error in that field?
2. How serious are the Errors?
3. What are the consequences on errors in this field?
4. Who are affected errors?
5. What are the corrections you can make to fix the error?
6. Are there any benefits for being wrong?
7. Was it difficult to be were you at in this field?
8. What are the most common mistakes made in this field?
9. How long have you been in this department?
10. How those it feel to be part of this field?

--Maria Bravo
--Gabriel Becerra
--Uber Garcia

Anonymous said...

1. Physical Therapist
2. P.E teacher
3. Journalist
4. Advertiser (

1. How much could a new person expect to make during his or her first year?
2. What excites you the most about this job?
3. How often do you make mistakes in your job and what do you do to fix it?
4. What is the most difficult task in your profession?
5. Is this the career you had in mind while you were in college?
6. What is the most important thing about this job?
7. Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat?
8. What do you love the most about this job?
9. What is a typical days work for you?
10. What kind of mistake in your field can cost you your job?

-Y. Clay & I. Matip

Anonymous said...

Irene Hernandez
Ramon Duran
Raul Mendoza

-Law enforcement officer
-Science teacher

1. What is the biggest mistake you've made working in this field?
2. What makes this subject intresting to you?
3. What are the most common mistakes in this field?
4. What have you learned from the mistakes you've made?
5. What could've been done to prevent the mistakes you made?
6. How have the mistakes you've made you feel about your field?
7. What is your motive for working in this field?
8. What inspires you to do the best at your job?
9. What was the process for you to be in the postion you are today? (career wise)
10. What part of your job do you enjoy the most?