Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being Wrong (1-43)

Hello All,

Choose one quote from the first 43 pages of Being Wrong; write the quote (with page number), and provide a brief explanation as to why you find that quote meaningful or significant.

Do not repeat a quote a previous student has posted! (Post early!)


Anonymous said...

A quote I liked from the book was “to f**k up is to find adventure.” This quote is on page 43 and I found it interesting because to me it meant ones mistakes can lead to something good. So a bad situation can turn into a good situation.
-S Ornelas

Christina Cecil said...

On page 5 As Benjamin Franklin observed in the quote that heads this book, wrongness is a window into normal human nature---into our imaginative minds, our boundless faculties, our extravagant souls. This quote says that being wrong is a part of our human nature.

Jessica said...

"You should interview me, I'm wrong all the time" (pg.20) I find this quote meaningful because at least some people admit to being wrong and are not ashame of themselves of course its a little embarrassing but most find it funny but errors are everywhere and we learn from making them.

Anonymous said...

on page 15 Kathryn Schultz "If we believe that error involves taking something false to be true, then we are also signing on to a belief in truth."
I find this quote meaningful because if making a tiny mistake it will always come out to positive instead of negative mistake.

-Brian Escalante

Walstib said...

"This was the pivotal insight of the Scientific Revolution: that the advancement of knowledge depends on current theories collapsing in the face of new insights and discoveries. In this model of progress, errors do not lead us away from the truth. Instead, they edge us incrementally toward it." (pg.32)
In any move forward you will take at least 2 steps back, at that point you need to learn from the errors what truth they may reveal and use that information to progress step by step to being 'right.'
--L.S. Niederauer

Anonymous said...

On Page 6, it states a qoute from philosopher Rene Descartes, " I think, therefore I am." This qoute interested me because of it's pure significance to the book. When we error, we define who we are and what we became. Whether we choose to learn from those errors or keep repeating them until we do learn.

- G. McDaniel

Anonymous said...

A good quote from the first 43 pages is the quote on page 43 when the writing says "to fuck up is to find adventure" which means if i mess up there can always be something good to come out of the mess up.


Anonymous said...

Kathryn Schulz is trying to convince us that we only discover the truth through making mistakes and being wrong. The quote, “through error, we perceive the truth,” on page 35 is meaningful because it explains that making mistakes is a part of life, and that we need to embrace our errors to find the truth.

-Dominica Martinez

Anonymous said...

"As a culture, we haven't even mastered the basic skill of saying 'I was wrong'" (Schulz 7). We can all relate to this quote. All of us have had a given moment in our lives where we know that we are wrong, but still insist of being right. People do not like to be wrong so it is a process of circumlocution that people chose to do in order for them to not get caught up in their mistake.
--David Maciel Gonzalez

Erika Perez said...

Page 27-
"This is the received wisdom about error: that it is dangerous, humiliating, distasteful, and, all told, un-fun in the extreme."
This quote is extremely close to what everyone feels when they are wrong. The feeling I get is distasteful, since it is something that I really don't like that I was wrong. Also, there are others who rub it in someones face, and it makes him/her feel extremely uncomfortable. Erring can be perceived in a negative way. Soon enough it can be seen as a learning matter. Being in error is not fun, but it can change a persons way of thought.

Anonymous said...

"By contrast, we positively excel at acknowledging other peoples errors." (pg 8). This quote caught my attention because i believe it to be very true. Many people are ashamed to admit when they make an error, but those same people won't hesitate to call someone else on their errors.One way A person does so is by saying " i told you so."

Anonymous said...

"As I began this chapter by noting, mistakes, even minor one, often make us feel like we’re going to be sick, or like we want to die. But altered states – some of which really can sicken or kill us – frequently enthrall us" (Page 38)
I found this quote interesting because it is crazy how far people are willing to discover what is 'real real'-- basically, the truth.

-S. Morales

Anonymous said...

"in fact, not only can any given theory be proven wrong; as we saw in the last chapter, sooner or later, it probably will be" page 32
This quote states that sooner or later a theory will be proven wrong. For emample scientist are always testing things out making this quote true.
-Roberto Picos

Anonymous said...

a quote from Kathryn Schulz's Bieng Wrong, "If our current mistakes are necessarily invisible to us, our past errors have an oddly slippery status as well."

This quote is interesting because it makes you think how we all make mistakes, but try to hide them because the thought of error is shameful to most individuals. Then again when you think on past errors you try to reject them as well .


-Brian D. Martinez

Anonymous said...

A quote from Kathryn Schulz, " As soon as we know that we are wrong, we aren't wrong anymore, since to recognize a belief as false is to stop believing it."

This quote discusses how we can never know what it feels like to be wrong. This is because as soon as we figure out that we were wrong, we are right in figuring out that we were wrong. I find this interesting because it is funny how we try to study the art of being wrong although we can never truly understand because we do not know what it feels like to be wrong.

pg. 18

Trey Lovett

Anonymous said...

"it is alarmingly easy to impute error to those whose beliefs and backgrounds differ from our own." (pg. 31) This quote is a fact and makes a good point. I like it because in all reality different backgrounds tend to disagree with others and mistakes are more common.

--Evan Vizcarra

Anonymous said...

pg 17 paragraph 2 line one, this qoute made me think that she didnt feel as if she was wrong becasue in reality she is human and we all make mistakes. she describes the many ways someone can be wrong.
-Fernando Barrios

Anonymous said...

A quote that cought my eye was, "What is true of our collective pursuits is also true of our individual lives(9)". What she is trying to say is that as a whole we are all trying to reach the same goals. In the end we may all be difffrent but we still have somehting that conects us with each other.
-Gladys Mayra Delgado

Anonymous said...

"We can't enjoy kissing just anyone, but we can relish being right about almost anything"
When I read it I smiled because it is true. There are just some things that people do not feel comfortable doing with others but when it comes to being right humans are able to express themselves with everyone.

-Elizabeth Vega

Anonymous said...

"But the idea that we can eradicate error through evolutionary advancement, technological innovation, establishing an ideal society, or spreading the word of God- has a timeless hold on the human imagination." (Page 30) I liked this quote, because in essence, it explains how humans are always trying to establish a perfect society- without error... However, that can never occur.

L. Orozco

Anonymous said...

Pg 38.
"If dreams and drug states create acute but temporary alterations in our understanding of reality, the acute and ongoing version is insanity"

I enjoyed this quote because of how she later describes that people take drugs to blend the truth with lies that only seem to be truth. It offered an insight into the mind of a person who does mind altering substances.

-Eduardo Figueroa

fred said...

Being wrong is hard and humbling, and sometimes even dangerous, but in the end it is a journey, and a story. Pg. 42

I found this insightful because it leads to proof that to err is something that all must endure. That it is not THE main thing that happens to someone, but just a part of their story.
F. Soza

Anonymous said...

The quote i chose was on page5 "We experience our errors as deflating and embarrassing." I chose this quote because we experience good and bad things and still remeber. We can learn something from every expeience regardless to be good or bad.

Anonymous said...

The quote i chose was on page5 "We experience our errors as deflating and embarrassing." I chose this quote because we experience good and bad things and still remeber. We can learn something from every expeience regardless to be good or bad.


Anonymous said...

On page 42 I found a quote that really interested me," To err is to wander, and wandering is the way we discover the world." I like mainly because with out making mistakes in live we are never going to be able to see the world in a different point of view.

Emanuel Garcia

Anonymous said...

"When mistakes happen anyway, we typically respond as if they hadn't, or as if they shouldn't have"
(Pg 6)
This quote is significant because it's true that most of us avoid our errors instead of accepting it and learning from it.

- C. Buccat

Anonymous said...

"Call it the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of Error: we can be wrong, or we can kwow it, but we can't do both at the same time" (19). I found this quote interesting because it shows that people can cannot be wrong and know that they are wrong at the same time - it's one or the other. It shows how being wrong is black and white and there is no gray area.

- M. McKenney

N.Iniguez said...

I quote I like was "For better and worse, error is already our lifelong companion." (Pg.17) This has a big meaning, because our lives are going to be full of errors to make us a better person as we grow each day of our lives. And out of all those errors we do we should take each error we did so they won't be repeated again.

Anonymous said...

On page 4, the quote "Sometimes we are the one who loses the bet." I like that being it's saying that no one can always be right.

--Y. Clay

Anonymous said...

"Our errors are surely not such awfully solemn things." (28). I like this quote because being wrong isn't a crime. It's okay to make errors. I have no shame in my errors and I'm not afraid to admit them.

- B Garcia

U Garcia said...

"Seeing the world as it is not" (pg 22) I found this quote interesting because we all have diffrent views about life and have diffrent decissions and some make more errors than others.

Anonymous said...

Error, they observed, wansn't simpaly darkness,the absolute absence of the light of truth.
Pg. 33

This quote was meaningfull to me because Schults explains how errors are the light and not darkness. The errors are part of success.

-E. Figueroa

Anonymous said...

A quote i found meaningful was "It's easy to spot the theory of truth implicit in the traditional philosophical definiton of wrongness" because when we do something wrong, next time your in the same situation youll know the truth behind doing wrong.

-Irene Hernandez

Anonymous said...

"Like many fears, the fear of being wrong stems partly from a lack of understanding."(pg27)
This quote I found interesting because,it describes that when we are fearful from our own mistakes we could not comprehend why.