Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"Deadly Contact"

For this week's post, I want you to think about your research paper topic.

How are Hendra and Ebola similar to the disease you've chosen as your topic?

Give two similarities and two differences between the disease you've chosen to write about and Hendra / Ebola.


rsanchez22 said...

Ebola, just like HIV/AIDS, has numerouse breakouts in Africa. The Hendra virus is mortal just like aids.

Hendra, unlike HIV/AIDS, has not been proven to be transmitted human to human but animal to human. It was proven that it was confined to a human that came in direct contact with a pig.
Ebola has 5 distinct species unlike HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Ana Sofia Pottella Perez

Hendra and BSE (mad cow disease) resemble each other because both are considered zoonoses. Moreover the Hendra outbreak started with the contamination of a farm animal, just like BSE's. Nonetheless, the illnesses differ in the type of their pathogenic agents: whereas BSE is set off by a prion, Hendra is caused by a virus. Even more, while human-to-human transmission has not been associated with Hendra, recent studies reveal the daunting possibility of BSE transmission through blood exchange.

Anonymous said...

Vanna san,

Hendra and Ebola all similar to HIV/AIDS in whick they are transfer from animals to human; also, they are viruses.
Unlike HIV/AIDS which originates from chimpanzee, Hendra and Ebola originate from fruit bat speicies, and also Hendra and Ebola are more dangerous because HIV/AIDS only transferable when contact of bodily fluid.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Castro

Hendra and Ebola just like HIV/AIDS are killer diseases, and are beleived to come from animals. Hendra and Ebola are similar to HIV/AIDS in a sense that humans humans are responsible for the spread and rise of the diseases. Human destrduction of forsest has forced flying foxes to move towards shady places that are closer to humans leaving us more suseptible to the Hendra disease wheras for HIV/AIDS global travel, masive buchering and trade of chimpanzees have been major contributors to the spread of the disease. Another thing that makes these diseases different is that Ebola can be more easily spread from animals to peolple just by handling of the animals wheras for HIV/AIDS thare must be some kind of infection into the blood stream.

Lanie Greer said...

Ebola is a zoonosis, just like West Nile Virus. A zoonosis means that pathogens travel from animals to humans. Also, the West Nile Virus and Hendra are both viruses.

The Hendra virus originated in horses, and the West Nile Virus started in birds. Symptoms of the Ebola virus are a lot more bloody than the West Nile virus. West Nile symptoms are flu like; however, Ebola's symptoms are bleeding gums, eyes, and even bloody stools.

Anonymous said...

Maria Juarez

They are different in the type of pathogenic agents because the mad cow started because of a prion and Hendra started because of virus.
Hendra and the mad cow disease are similar in being zoonoses, and they both also started with the contamination of animals.

Anonymous said...

Irene Coutinho

Ebola, Hendra and Salmonellosis are high contagious and transmitted through physical contact or contaminated food, secretions or body fluids.
As yet, no vaccine has been developed to prevent either of these three diseases.

Salmonellosis is an infection caused by bacteria called Salmonella. Salmonella live in the intestines of humans, animals, and birds. Ebola and Hendra are caused by a virus that is zoonotic (animal-borne) and lives inside the fruit bat.
There is no cure for Ebola and Hendra but Salmonellus can be treated with antibiotics, which kills the bacteria.

Anonymous said...

Joana Esquivel
The similarities are that HIV/AIDS and Hendra and Bbola are both viruses. And also people believe that they come from animals and are spread to humans.

The differences between Hendra and Ebola and HIV/AIDS is that Ebola is spread from animals to humans. And as for HIV/AIDS it is spread from humans to humans or even by objects that have HIV/AIDS, such as needles.

Anonymous said...

Princess Watts

Hendra, like HIV starts off showing fevers amd swallowing in their body. Eloba has a numerious of symptoms that causes viruses in the body.

My disease and the other two diseases starts of small and becomes worse. Some people die from both diseases in days or years. The differences is that HIV can kill you by the way you take care of your body . the other diseases is transmitted from animals to humans and some people die from them in the anount of days.

Anonymous said...

Heather Walker
Hendra and West Nile
1. Both viruses need viable hosts.
2. Both viruses are unnaffected by antibiotic treatment
1. The Hendra Virus only attacks animals and West Nile Virus attacks animals or humans
2. The Hendra Virus has a higher chance of recieving the virus than the West Nile Virus has with effects

Anonymous said...

Leo Contreras

Ebola and Hendra are much like the vile disease called HIV/AIDS, numerous breakout and cases have been reported, and both put human population at risk
Another similraties is, none of them have a cure yet
ONe difference is hiv/aids cases are mainly from human to human only one percent from animals to human opposed to hendra and ebola.
Other difference is HIV/AIDS is a bigger dilema

Anonymous said...

Jomarie Apas

Ebola, Hendra, and Salmonella are similar in which all three are troublesome. All are spread quickly and become vital to a specie such as humans. They become proof against antibiotics. Importantly , they are zoonosis (pathogens that travel from animals to humans).

The difference within these diseases are that Salmonella can be treated unlike Ebola and Hendra. Also, Ebola and Henra virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood,body fluids and tissues of the infected animal/person and Salmonella can be transmitted through foods(contaminated) not thoroughly cooked.

Anonymous said...

Justin Dial


Ebola and West Nile Virus are both cases of zoonosis, which is pathogens traveling through animals to humans. Also the Ebola and West Nile are both viruses; they both can inflict extremely high rates of mortality.

Ebola and West Nile Virus have different symptoms. West Nile Virus can cause the body to ache, but Ebola causes the body to bleed. Also the diseases came from different animals.

Anonymous said...

Kayla Casimiro

Both the Ebola and Hendra virus devastate and cause severe disruption to the human race if infected. As well as the West Nile, these viruses create dangerous matters when infected. The Ebola and Hendra Virus parallel the West Nile Virus in that they both cause severe fevers and that the Ebola virus originated in Africa as did the West Nile Virus.

As well as similarities, these viruses share distinct differences with the West Nile Virus. The Hendra and Ebola viruses originated in bats as hosts whereas the West Nile is in birds and mosquitos. Also the Ebola virus has more physical severe implications such as bleeding of the eye, stools and gums where the West Nile creates more severe symptoms shared with the flu virus and neurological devastations.

Anonymous said...

Vanessa Cruz

Hendra is similar to Salmonella because when a host is infected they both cause fever. Hendra can infect a human through animals, just like Salmonella is passed from infected animal meat to the humans.

Ebola is different from Salmonella because Ebola is highly contagious through contact and it is harder to be infected with Salmonella because it has to be consumed first. Ebola takes about two weeks for the symptoms to be noticable and Salmonella takes about one week to start noticing symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Rubi Ocampo

Both viruses can be spread by animals. West Nile virus can be spread through infected mosquitoes, transfusion, transplants, or mother to child, but not by touch. The Ebola virus is spread through bats and even just a touch.

Ebola, like West Nile virus, has symptoms like fever,headache, and vomit. Ebola virus causes bleeding in the gum and eyes, and body diarrhea. On the other hand, West Nile can cause disorientation, coma, tremors, vision loss, and numbness and paralysis.

Anonymous said...

Salmonella, Ebola and Hendra are all dieases that from bacteria and do not have a cure. they all can get medicine treated but if used to much will no longer work for, for any patients.

salmonella can be prevented by cooking meats well done and looking out for any signs of it. well hendra and ebola can not. when one has been affected with salmonella it will be will know right away while hendra and ebloa can take up to weeks to be noticed

Veronica l

Anonymous said...

Alfredo Moreno

HIV/AIDS and Ebola are similar in the way that they are both viruses for the same reason that they are both put humans at risk the only thing is that unlike HIV/AIDS Ebola comes froms animals to humans.

also its belived that Ebola starts from animals to humans and HIV/AIDS is human to human. and HIV/Aids can also be transmitted by other wasy like drugs.

Anonymous said...

Rylee FIdler


They are similar because they are both Zoonosis diseases.
Also, are killing humans by the thousands, very Contagious.
They are viruses.

-Outbreaks started directly with Humans in SARS and not in a horse or animal, but thought to start from animals.
-All first outbreaks in Humans died within days of being in any contact of SARS, the vet with Henra virus managed to avoid it and Ray managed to survive.

Anonymous said...

Denise Gonzalez

Hendra and Ebola, just like SARS, has a leap from some nonhuman animal into a person, the result's what's known as a zoonosis.
Hendra and Ebola, just like SARS, was difficult to identify the type of new virus.
They are all viruses.

Hendra, unlike SARS, originated from horses causing the virus to spread to human.
SARS rapidly killed humans/animals.
SARS did not begin from horses.
Ebola, unlike SARS, is believed to be transmitted
through bats.

Anonymous said...

Erika Gutierrez
Much like Hendra, Hantavirus is a zoonosis because they originated from animals that leads to the infection of humans through some sort of bodily contact, such as feces, urine or saliva. Ebola and Hantavirus are similar in the ways of both being viruses.
Hantavirus spread through humans by mice not by bats like ebola and hendra.

Anonymous said...

Midhat Farooq

The disease I chose for my reasearch paper is Salmonella.

Salmonella and the two other diseases are similar because each of them is a zoonosis, which means they originated in animals and moved on to humans. Also, all the diseases can be passed on through physical contact.

The differences in the diseases are that unlike Hendra and Ebola, some forms of Salmonella can be cured.

Anonymous said...

Tesiah Carrillo

The two similarities between Hendra/Ebola and Hantavirus are that they are passed through Zoonosis, while also being triggered through human interference with the environment around us.
The differences between Hantavirus and Hendra/Ebola is that it killed the horses while Hantavirus did not kill the rats. The other is that you dont really need close contact to transmit the Hantavirus.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Ahumada

The disease for my research paper is HIV/AIDS. Ebola is similar to HIV/AIDS becase it has affect people in Africa. They are also similar because they are both a virus. Hendra is also a virus, just like HIV/AIDS.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Ahumada

The disease for my research paper is HIV/AIDS. Ebola is similar to HIV/AIDS becase it has affect people in Africa. They are also similar because they are both a virus. The differences are that HIV/AIDS is transmitted from person to person, by sharing needles and from mother to child and Ebola started out in the in animals and HIV/AIDS is believe that it could have possibly started out in chimpanzees. Another difference is that Ebola was also found in fruit.